Delta H Con??

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Delta H Con??

Postby Dracontiar » Thu May 29, 2014 7:44 am

So, out of nowhere, I had at least three people at Comicpalooza ask me if I would be going to Delta H. I had only barely heard of it, but it sounded like it was totally going to be the place to be. It's the same weekend as A-Fest this year, and since I only got on the waitlist (and pretty far down, I might add), I figured it might be good to hedge my bets. But I don't know anything about this con. It looks small, but I should be able to keep my costs down, so the question is, HOW small? I've worked some uni-hosted cons before, and they were pretty decent, and lots of fun. But I don't want to be burned. I can't find a good review of it dated after 2010, so I was wondering if anyone knew anything about it, worked it recently, heard talk, etc. Any insight you can share would be appreciated. :)

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Re: Delta H Con??

Postby meauho » Thu May 29, 2014 10:29 am

Delta H Con... where do I start....

I am going to start with some positive - because I do want to be as fair as possible:
Last year, Delta H Con had a lot of good word-of-mouth about their Cosplay contest.
and.... um.....

and on to the rest
Delta H has had a few things going against it that may not be the convention's fault, but taken all together (and adding the things that are the con's fault)...
Last year, Delta H was 18 miles from my store. Somebody let me know they had a free badge for me, and I still didn't consider it worth the drive.
--For perspective, I drove 53 miles (one way) to Rice Village for dinner the other day and didn't think anything of it.

So... history lesson...

Delta H Con started out on the University of Houston campus. Despite being on campus, it wasn't directly affiliated with any student groups (although the anime club ran the cosplay show).
For electronic gaming; it wasn't bad - they spent a fortune in flat panel screens, computers, and consoles.
Some of the vendors and artists (including an Artist Guest) packed up and left mid-day Saturday.

The next few years weren't much better; Delta H had minimal or no recognizable advertising (and this is from someone who was doing every other small con, plus the big ones, in the state at the time).

After 4 years, it moved out of University of Houston to Highway 290 (between the beltway and 610 - if you are familiar with the area).
It brought in two people who were either staff or volunteers (accounts differ - but they were both labeling themselves as staff heads on official convention media, so....)
Both of those people are really big about going to local stores and events to let people know about stuff they are involved in.... they have also both been permanently banned from any involvement with several cons in the state.
True to form, drama ensued - with both of them publicly calling each other out on the convention's social media, other convention's social media, at local stores, and other local events. They even went so far as to ask people to boycott events just because the other person was going to attend (Ojy from Cosplay Day Out was NOT happy about the lies that were being told about her event to keep people from going - just because one of these two said they would be there).

Other than failing to say anything about these two wreaking their image - Delta H has always priced itself as if it were much larger than it is. Prices have come down for Dealers and AA. Because con's have greatly overpriced AA tables, the $65 Delta H charges may be low enough for a local artist to be worth it, but for the dealer prices I would rather go to a convention with 5,000-10,000 attendees (even if it requires travel and hotel rooms) - or take 4 people to a movie (non 3D, since I don't like it anyway) instead of attending.

This year, it is (once again) trying out a new venue. The JW Marriott wasn't bad for Kamikazecon when it was there; but unless they do a lot to correct their public image, organization, staffing, advertising, outrageous pricing (for dealers and attendees), cross-scheduling against established cons (not sure this is their fault this year - although they jumped their dates a month); I'm going to continue skipping.

If you are looking for cons to fill your August; (the former owner of Space City Con) will be the weekend before Delta H and has several Power Rangers, and Amazing Houston Comic Con will be two weeks after that.

Houston Con: Greenspoint, August 8-10
Delta H Con: Galleria, August 15-17
Bayou Battles: August 15-17 (a Warhammer Regional qualifier)
Amazing Houston Comic Con: George R Brown, August 29-31

All of this so close together is going to affect attendance just from Houston Attendees. When you add in out of town anime events that will keep attendees away, and non-anime events that will draw attendees across genres: August doesn't look like a good time to vend in Houston.
Animefest: August 15-17
Anime Overload: August 8-10
Wizard World San Antonio: August 1-3

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Re: Delta H Con??

Postby Dracontiar » Thu May 29, 2014 5:45 pm

Well... yikes.

I guess I'm glad I asked! I have no problem with small cons, especially if I can stay nearby and the tables are cheap. But it still has to be a con I can sell at. :/
Thanks a lot for the review. It was a lot of help. :)
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