A-Kon 2016 Panic Thread?

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A-Kon 2016 Panic Thread?

Postby oanhderbread » Mon May 23, 2016 10:05 pm

The forum is pretty quiet this year so I thought I'd start the panic thread. :P Less than two weeks to go! I'm in full panic mode in between work and a family emergency the last several weeks. I've finally started working on inventory (plushies!) this past weekend. Ick. Terrified. It has been a BAD year for me. But I think I can do this!!
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Re: A-Kon 2016 Panic Thread?

Postby Starrydance » Tue May 24, 2016 1:42 am

I wasnt sure anyone checks this that much anymore, sadly!

Ah, A-kon prep.

Ive been working now for.... *counts* 15 weeks! Ive accomplished:


- 12 11x17 Fantasy paintings, all brand new and all me. One fanart, but the rest is original. Printed via digital printer.
- 8 10x10s printed as 6x6 as a color wheel study. Hope they do well!
- 15 Coloring Pages (completed before for Patreon) to make into a packet.

Perfumes & Lipbalms:

- Over 1100 Restock and New Solid Perfumes
- Over 1000 Restock and New Lipbalms
- 22 New Scents and 21 new Flavors, Steven Universe Collection, more Sailor Moons and a few "redo" scents for new blends.

Im still working on the label artwork for those, but Im more or less on target. I had hoped to get new buttons painted too, but I think Im going to set that aside for Afest. Label art, print labels, label all the things. Then buttons, custom buttons, Display stuff, and Pack.

That should be it unless I get time to cut stickers =3

I wish everyone else luck in their final prep weeks!
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